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Some Situations That May Require a Post Divorce Modification

On behalf of Emy A. Cordano, posted in Divorce Modification On Friday, November 3, 2017

It happens very often to divorced parents where their changed circumstances require a post-divorce modification. If you need more child support or if you are a non-custodial parent who is currently unemployed, you may need to modify your divorce agreement. Consult a Salt Lake City divorce modification attorney about the possibility of obtaining a modification to your existing divorce decree. Whatever your situation might be, the court will take into consideration a few factors and determine whether or not your appeal is valid.

Common reasons for a post-divorce modification

  • Insufficient child support or spousal support – Sometimes child support isn’t enough to meet the average standard of living. In order to fulfill your children’s needs, you may need additional monetary support, which you may seek by requesting the court for a modification to increase the amount of child support. Likewise, if the non-custodial parent lost his earning capacity, or if he is currently unemployed, these changes may qualify as good reasons to seek a post-divorce modification.
  • Relocation – This is a common one, especially among military families. Some parents have to relocate, which makes it difficult to keep in touch with the children or visit them as they used to. In those cases, the parent moving out needs to file for relocation so the terms of the parenting plan and custody agreement will be modified. Just remember, a parent can’t move away without notifying the other parent and making the necessary changes to the divorce decree. Parents who make such illegal decisions can face serious legal consequences, including kidnapping.
  • Unable to provide child support – A parent who is no longer earning enough to provide child support needs to obtain a post-divorce modification in order to reduce the amount of child support or spousal support. Parents, who stop paying child support without informing their former spouse and the court, can face legal problems along the way. So it is important that they seek a modification as soon as their circumstances have significantly changed.

Enforcing your divorce decree

If your former spouse is not providing child support or alimony as stated in your existing divorce decree, you need to contact a Salt Lake City divorce modification attorney immediately and enforce those payments. It is common for non-custodial parents to skip child support and spousal support payments. However, you can only modify the terms and conditions of your current divorce decree with the help of a qualified family law attorney such as Emy A. Cordano. There are times when some parents refuse to cooperate or comply with a friendly request so legal action may be taken against the irresponsible party.

Situations and circumstances can change at any time, and these changes may necessitate modifications to the established separation agreement. Contact us today and schedule your initial consultation. Modifications can be complicated, especially if you don’t have a well-versed family law attorney by your side.

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