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Salt Lake City

Easy Directions To My Salt Lake City Office.

6465 South 3000 East, Suite 103 | Salt Lake City, Utah 84121.

  • From any direction, get to the I-215 beltway going towards the ski areas in Salt Lake.
  • From any direction, go to Exit 6 on I-215.
  • Take Exit 6, the 6200 South/ski areas exit and go East towards the mountains.
  • Stay in the RIGHT LANE (but not in the far right lane that feeds onto 3000 East).
  • You must NOT turn right onto 3000 East.
  • If you do, make a U-turn back to 6200 South.
  • Go East on 6200 South through the light at 3000 East and stay in far right lane.
  • You will see a ski shop and a Starbucks.
  • TURN RIGHT just behind the Starbucks and at the signs “BIG COTTONWOOD CANYON” and “LITTLE COTTONWOOD CANYON”.
  • My building is the second one on the LEFT at the other side of the parking lot.
  • There are 2 stop signs you will go through before taking a left in the parking lot to my building.
  • The front entrance of the building is on the north side facing the parking lot.
  • The building has river rocks on the front of it. It is the only building with stones on the facing. And the only one with a wood frame roofing.
  • The numbers are up on the top corner of the building. It says 6465
Emy A. Cordano

Emy A. Cordano

I am Emy Cordano, a family law attorney based in Salt Lake City. I concentrate my practice on divorce and family law matters; I am not a general practice lawyer. Family law is all I do. Here you’ll find additional articles and advice that I make available to anyone facing family law issues.

With further questions, give me a call at: 801-804-5152 Toll Free

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