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Family Law Attorney

Family Law Lawyer Draper

The way families interact in Utah dictates how strong our communities are. I say this because men, women, and children each have unique needs specific to their lives, with no two individuals having identical livelihoods. How well each family unit takes care of each other’s needs often signals whether households will last, or if they’re headed for disaster. And disastrous households breed volatile communities.

I’m Emy A. Cordano. A native of South Africa, I’ve traveled the world and seen numerous families experience joys and pains. My motivation in becoming a family law attorney stemmed from my own divorce, and lack of competent representation during the process. From that point, I promised myself that no family would ever go without caring yet aggressive legal assistance in any family law matter.

Families Define Who We Are

There are many components to family law, all holding equal importance. If it affects children, families, or men and women individually, I’ll take the case and see it through until the end. Whether it’s child support obligations, modifying a custody agreement, establishing paternity, or pursuing adoption, the Draper family law attorney relied upon for my expertise, courtroom competency, and infectious care for the greater good.

Sometimes, family law entails protecting those who aren’t strong enough to stand on their own, including those who have been battered emotionally and physically. Domestic violence is a major problem in Utah, affecting both women and children, even some men. I’m capable of filing protective orders and helping battered persons located shelter within Salt Lake City, or surrounding areas in Utah.

I’m also a court-approved mediation specialist, helping men and women who are facing tough decisions establish agreements, then entering those agreements into the court records. As I’m an excellent listener and problem solver, people of use my mediation services often have come out ahead – even mending their broken relationships shortly after leaving my office.

Finally, a major component of my work entails dealing with divorces. Because I have personally endured the pains of ending a relationship with someone I loved, I’m uniquely positioned to help those going through a divorce by offering my legal services along with emotional support. I’ll help establish alimony payments and help file petitions for divorce including modifications.

Families are an integral part of society. But when the foundation of family life breaks down, it’s good to know you have a competent attorney in Emy A. Cordano who is willing to fight for what’s right and help hold those accountable who are wrong.

Family Matters Require Intelligent Legal Representation

You know your family needs better than me. My job is to translate your needs into legal action.

Regardless of opposition, unique circumstances, or the needs of your children, I’ve been the Draper family law attorney Utahans turned to for many years, putting education and knowledge of Utah law to work for children, men, and women every day. I’m proud of the families that have helped, and will continue to provide family law assistance to those who seek it.

Your family matter deserves swift action. Contact Emy A. Cordano today.

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