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Modifications Lawyer Draper

In family law, numerous motions and petitions are filed to actuate ‘something’. This may be child custody, divorce petitions, the establishment of child support, even paternity. As time goes on, situations and people change, as do the needs of our children. When changes to lifestyles merit altering previously entered orders, Emy A. Cordano, a modifications attorney, can assist with the paperwork necessary to amend petitions.

I handle many modifications throughout Salt Lake County. Below are some areas where clients have come to me requesting changes to previous court orders:


Perhaps you forgot to include assets in your original divorce petition. Maybe the child custody arrangement wasn’t suitable for everyone involved. Whenever the original divorce petition failed to include something vital, I’m able to reopen the case by amending the previously entered order. Upon court approval, your modified divorce petition will reflect changes as requested.

Child Support

The needs of our children are ever-evolving. Clothing gets more expensive the older children get, nourishment needs obviously increase, and school sports have financial requirements that fluctuate. To make sure the noncustodial parent is paying their fair share during life-changing events, we can request a modification of previous child support orders to correctly reflect the amount needed to continue providing adequate support for your shared children.

Child Custody

Sometimes situations change where one parent works more than the other, or children would prefer spending their time at one parent’s house or the other. I get it; as your Draper modifications attorney, I’ll assist in amending previous child custody orders to better reflect the desires of your children and the growing demands of your job. We can help change joint custody orders to sole custody and help those wanting to give the noncustodial more parenting time petition for such.


Another segment of family law I often see modification requests is alimony. Sometimes, ex-spouses purposely forget to include assets which that you may later discover. Or, you feel your spouse simply isn’t paying enough because their income is much larger than the pittance of an alimony payment you are receiving. I’m the Draper modifications attorney who can petition the court to amend previous alimony orders to include forgotten assets.

Protective Orders

Although much rarer, protective orders can be modified if the location you frequent has been left off the list, or if you feel threatened by emails, text messages, or other parties passing messages. When certain situations arise, I’m able to petition the court to amend your protective order in case extenuating circumstances may have been omitted.

Trust The Modifications Expert, Emy A. Cordano

Many events in life present new challenges to previous court orders entered on your behalf. When your children begin growing, or you feel financial support isn’t being fairly distributed between two parties, you need a Draper modifications attorney who knows court procedure on changing petitions.

Don’t get stuck with old orders when new events arise. Contact Emy A. Cordano, one of Utah’s premier modifications attorneys dedicated to the preservation of children, and families.

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