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Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody Lawyer Ogden

Children have the right to feel safe, loved, and financially cared for in the event divorces or other relationships split their parents. In Utah, laws are favorable for children, but not always considerate of parenting time or the emotional health of children. These same laws can be tough for laypeople to understand, which is why Emy A. Cordano offers her services as an Ogden child custody attorney.

An awful split with your spouse has your children fearing their future. Or, perhaps an abusive mate is emotionally scarring your child, and you’re wanting to get full custody. Regardless of your situation, Emy is on your side.

Types of Child Custody Emy Handles

There are several types of legal custody Utah courts recognize, with each type carrying its own stipulations. Which child custody you’ll need depends on circumstances related to financial stability, proximity to other parents, a child’s emotional attachment to one parent or another, even what activities your child actively engages in.

Emy A. Cordano typically handles cases involving these child custody arrangements:

  • Sole legal and physical: In Utah, being able to have your child live with you full-time and making all life-changing decisions gives you total custody. This gives the noncustodial parent visitation rights as deemed appropriate by a court and set according to parenting time calculators.
  • Sole physical, joint legal: This type of custody arrangement offers one parent the right to make decisions just like the custodial parent but only affords them visitation rights per parent time calculations.
  • Join legal and physical: In a completely joint custody situation, your Ogden child custody attorney will have secured both legal and live-in rights for clients.
  • Joint physical, sole legal: In this situation, courts have deemed one parent not fit for making legal decisions but OK’s an even physical custody arrangement. These arrangements aren’t frequent in Utah, but they’re available nonetheless.

Note that child support orders are autonomous of custody hearings, so they’re usually not brought up in custody hearings unless it’s being established simultaneously with custody. If you’re being denied your child because of an unpaid child support order, Emy can bring action against the party withholding your son or daughter.

Emy Can Help Enforce Your Custody Rights

Nothing is valued more than your children. Emy understands completely. Whether you’re wanting an ex-spouse to take half responsibility for rearing your mutual children or feel leaving your kids with an emotionally unstable parent could cause harm, she’s the Ogden child custody attorney chosen by many. Because she’s highly respected across Salt Lake County, and Utah, parents who fear entering court alone lean on her advocacy and representation in child custody issues.

There are no guarantees heading into court to settle child custody matters. So, when you’re needing the right decision for your child’s health and well-being, Emy A. Cordano is ready to take your case.

Don’t let the child custody laws of Utah confuse or upset you. Let Emy’s passion for families and rigorous defense of child’s rights work for you. Consultations are available, and the representation offered is comprehensive.

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