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Common Law Marriage Attorney

Common Law Marriage Lawyer Ogden

If you’ve been engaged in a meaningful relationship for an extended period of time, you may be wondering if common-law marriages exist in the state of Utah. While not by exact definition, courts will recognize civil unions under certain circumstances that are similar to other state’s common marriage laws. With a recognized and respected presence in Salt Lake County, Emy A. Cordano can help couples looking for an Ogden common law marriage attorney.

There’s nothing better for unmarried couples than being recognized as married without a formal ceremony. My office can help you achieve this milestone provided certain conditions exist.

How Utah Recognizes Civil Unions as ‘Marriages’

With traditional marriages, couples petition the court for a marriage license and have their union completed in court by a judge, or a County Clerk. In Utah, the process of formally recognizing couples involved in a personal relationship with each other as ‘married’ will only happen if:

  • The union has been consummated.
  • Both parties to the relationship treat each other as married, even in public.
  • Both parties share some financial responsibility, which may include a mortgage or car payment, and have joint bank account access.
  • Couples currently live with each other.
  • Other people are reasonably convinced that each party treats the other as a married person.
  • Both parties are of legal age and consent to the union.

This process is quite popular when one person is contemplating ending the relationship and wants to receive alimony benefits. Much like regular married couples, those involved in a relationship could receive alimony benefits equal to the tenure of the relationship. In retrospect, people have hired me as their Ogden common law marriage attorney when they simply want the courts to call them ‘legally married’.

As the process can get quite complex, handling the courts without competent counsel could delay denying your application.

Emy A. Cordano Wants Your Relationship to Succeed

People sometimes work too much to plan a formal wedding ceremony. Or, people come from a specific religious or personal belief that living together is the same as being married. No matter the situation, I’m proficient in marriage law and have the ability to accurately file petitions with our courts to get your union recognized legally. Once completed, parties continue living their successful lives without any interruption, except now they’re officially married in the eyes of the law.

Even if you want a property or financial benefits from a partner who has passed away, you’ll want your relationship recognized as a marriage. Once declared, married widowers would be entitled to whatever financial property owned by their deceased partner.

Although I want your relationship to succeed, sometimes I’m petitioning courts to recognize relationships up to one year after they ended. This step, again, would be more relevant in cases where alimony is being requested.

When you’re ready to make a big step toward recognizing your civil partnership as a marriage, contact the Ogden common law marriage attorney who is results-driven and knowledgeable of civil court procedures regarding marriages, Emy A. Cordano.

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