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Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Lawyer Ogden

There’s nothing worse than having the one person you love, and trust, suddenly turn violent. Enduring physical and emotional pains that once never exited hurts worse than any broken bone, or pulled muscle. In many cases, the scarring is too much for many to handle, requiring years of therapy and creating an aura of distrust for humanity. You aren’t alone anymore with Emy A. Cordano, an intelligent Ogden domestic violence attorney, by your side.

Around Utah, domestic violence happens at startling frequencies. It doesn’t care what race, gender, or political affiliation you have. It comes during the dead of night, or in broad daylight. My office gets cases where young children were affected, and elderly folks were beaten senselessly. It’s an avoidable epidemic that should come with much harsher penalties but often doesn’t.

How My Office Helps Domestic Violence Victims

First, understand no part of your battering was justified. You are not the one to blame. In fact, stepping forward and considering my team’s representation of your case shows tremendous courage.

Once retained, there’s much work for me, and my office, to get done. For starters, we’ll need to address your protection by filing an order restraining the assailant from further contacting you. If present danger is imminent, we’ll expedite this by contacting courts directly and asking for whatever judge is available to sign off on an emergency order. This order gets served upon the assailant if the location is known.

Next, we’ll prepare a much lengthier petition that permanently bars contact between you and the assailant. This means any shared children will automatically be remanded to your custody, which may cause the nullification of any joint custody orders. Child support may be requested, too, along with an immediate divorce if necessary. This new petition gets sent to court, and both parties will appear in the hearing. If the assailant fails to appear, the order would become immediately active and, in some cases, a warrant could be issued.

Finally, we make sure you’re safe from any future mental harm by helping you locate domestic violence groups and related help. We don’t want victims to feel any further pain, which is why I’m an Ogden domestic violence attorney highly regarded for the extra precautions we take for our battered clients.

Don’t Wait for Another Episode. Call Emy Today.

People who victimize women and men often promise they’ll change. This is simply a ruse, another tactic used to keep people around, so they can continue battering them.

You no longer need someone putting fear in your heart for telling the truth. Emy A. Cordano extends her hand in hopes you’ll reach out for her help. She fears nobody. She works diligently to put people like this as far away from her clients as possible. And, of course, she works closely with other city attorneys to bring abusive people to justice. Swiftly.

As an Ogden domestic violence attorney, my doors will be open for you. My phone lines are open. Please don’t let another day pass with more emotional and physical suffering, because you’re better than this. Call me, and let’s end domestic violence in your life for good.

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