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Family Law Attorney

Family Law Lawyer Ogden

There exists a detailed section of law related to families, a world where only couples and children matter to Utah courts that hear cases. With a broad range of topics, including divorces and annulments, civil matters related to the family unit get handled by attorneys skilled in this field. In Utah, a well-practiced Ogden family law attorney growing in popularity because of her tenacity is Emy A. Cordano.

Unbiased yet fierce in her methods of litigation, Emy knows her way around the family law system, helping many clients overcome issues they previously thought were impassable. Defending men, women, and children, she’s a respected legal figurehead in Utah.

Skilled Family Law Representation

No two families operate equally; as such, the representation of men and women seek almost never repeats itself. Whether it’s establishing paternity to get child support payments established, annulling a divorce, or getting a relationship recognized as a marriage, the specific legal needs of families are always evolving. Emy A. Cordano continuously learns as new family laws are enacted.

If my office were to comprise a list of popular family law services, it would include:

  • Modifications, including child support and alimony orders.
  • Mediation, excellent service for those wanting to lessen divorce costs.
  • Protective orders to help prevent a further child or spousal abuse.
  • Uncontested and contested divorces
  • Adoptions, which almost always require an Ogden family law attorney.
  • Common law marriages, which technically are called such but have similar court proceedings.
  • Child custody, which includes joint and sole legal and physical.

Some areas of family law are contentious at best. Unlike criminal law where there’s a presumption of guilt or innocence, family law has so many twists and turns that common people find it difficult to navigate. Utilizing my vast resources and practical knowledge of courtroom proceedings, you’ll never find someone caring more about your family matters than Emy A. Cordano.

It’s Your Family. I’ll Defend It.

When families start, certain legal procedures may affect the balance between maternal and paternal rights. It may affect child placement, the child’s financial support, and the family’s relationship in part, or wholly. There are legal proceedings that can supersede other legal proceedings, and court orders that enforce those proceedings. Without knowledge of filing paperwork in Family Court, most people never receive fair hearings, if they get one at all.

I’m a well-educated Ogden family law attorney, a proud Utahan with South African roots. Throughout my world travels, I’ve seen many great family units, with an even larger number torn apart due to one split-second decision. I’m blessed to have helped so many families, with so many more in my sights.

From child support to custody modifications, and every family law issue in between, Emy A. Cordano comes highly regarded for her defense and litigation in family law matters. She knows you can choose any family law attorney and is blessed so many have chosen her over the years.

For all family law matters, contact one of Utah’s most highly sought-after family mediation and litigation experts, Emy A. Cordano, today.

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