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Modifications Attorney

Modifications Lawyer Ogden

In every situation where there’s a family law matter brought to court, an order will be filed. This may be related to children, married couples, or in some cases both. Regardless of what the situation is, sometimes orders aren’t entered properly, or stipulations are no longer valid. In Utah, courts need compelling reasons to alter previously entered orders, which are best presented by an Ogden modifications attorney.

Bringing years of litigation experience to the table, Emy A. Cordano understands that life happens. People change, switch jobs, move far away from their children, or suddenly turn violent. When there’s a chance to court orders, it’s best to request modification as opposed to outright violating stipulations within the written order.

Situations Where Modifications are Appropriate

Unfortunately, courts will not change orders simply because you don’t like them. Drastic, sometimes life-changing events are usually the only appropriate means to reopen cases closed by final order or judgment. In fact, those petitioning courts without counsel have had their requests denied simply because they didn’t know proper case presentation or opposing counsel was simply too strong.

Emy A. Cordano, rigorous yet compassionate in all phases of family law litigation, can help petitioner show proper cause in modifying orders related to:

  • Outdated child support, or those orders that have undergone significant changes since last filed.
  • Child custody arrangements that are no longer feasible due to work or other constraints.
  • Divorced petitions that failed to include assets that weren’t known at the time.
  • Protective orders that failed to include one or more locations where victims frequented. These modifications, if not performed properly, could harm victims like you.
  • Alimony orders that are significantly lower than originally requested, or too high to afford.

If there was an order entered into court, and the judge agrees that a significant cause for amendment exists, it will be changed, and a final order will be issued to all parties involved. The only situation where orders are often denied amendment is if they’re deemed frivolous or without basis. I’m an Ogden modifications attorney that gets these sensitive orders altered properly, and without prejudice.

An Ogden Modifications Attorney That Cares

Although courts try hard to get right the first time, sometimes facts aren’t immediately available, or situations change that merit family court orders to be amended to better fit newly discovered information or situations. I’m an incredibly accurate Ogden modifications attorney dedicated to providing modification services to my clients, both old and new.

Child abuse. Death of a custodial parent. These and other situations drastically changes conditions judges put into court orders, and are reasonable causes for immediate action. Writing formal requests to courts to change your orders takes an Ogden modifications attorney able to navigate the often treacherous process of getting your request heard if it’s even heard at all.

Emy A. Cordano assists clients daily in the modification of orders. If you have an immediate need, don’t wait; contact my office today, and let’s get your order adjusted to properly reflect changes in life affecting children, spouses, or support regarding both.

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