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Protective Order Attorney

Protective Order Lawyer Ogden

Between 2010 and 2011, Utah courts issued 1,953 permanent protective orders and another 204 stalking injunctions, with an undisclosed number of ex parte orders issued within the same time frame. These statistics show that domestic violence is serious in Utah, leading to numerous victims being housed in shelters to escape their perpetrators.

I’m Emy A. Cordano, a fierce advocate of stricter domestic violence laws. When clients retain me as their Ogden protective order attorney, my goal is simple: seek protection for my clients immediately, and permanently. Although Salt Lake County is statistically the largest for domestic violence, all eight judicial circuits have seen their fair share of domestic violence cases, with no end in sight.

Getting Protective Orders Filed

When guns are involved in domestic violence cases, the outcomes can be deadly. With women, homicides have a 500% risk factor when guns are present during physical altercations. Women who suspect they could become victims of domestic violence should wait; file protective orders immediately when you feel intimidated or threatened in any capacity, or if your young children feel the same.

My office, when retained, work immediately to get all petitions filed in court. If you’re in immediate danger, we’ll request an emergency order to be served upon the perpetrator, which will prevent them from causing you harm. Should they violate this emergency order, my office will move to have them charged accordingly. We take domestic violence cases very seriously.

Once filed, federal law requires Utah to enforce protective orders. This means perpetrators must give up their firearms and other weapons, must remain a predetermined distance from the victim, cannot visit children if they are perceived to be in danger, and in some cases may be forced to start alimony and child support payments. As your Ogden protective order attorney, I’m aggressive in my pursuit of justice for domestic violence victims.

Don’t Be Victimized Any Longer

Since the greater portion of attackers has close ties to their victims, they’re often able to coerce those whom they batter not to file, because they promise to change or they’ll ‘kill them if they do’. You don’t have to fear, because Emy A. Cordano is here to help you. Attackers can run, but they cannot hide, from my intelligent approach to litigating domestic violence matters.

The first step to take is visiting my office. If you’re in immediate danger, I’ll phone the courts to get an emergency order on record for the police to serve upon the assailant. We’ll help build your case to get a protective order permanently established, and can even tap into outside resources to get shelter for those who feared going home. I truly care about your well-being, and fighting for your safety would be my honor.

If you or someone you know needs competent legal representation to file protective orders, contact my office directly. As you never know when an assailant will strike again, is important to begin the process of hiring me as your Ogden protective order attorney to assure personal safety can be achieved before the day’s end.

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