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Sole Custody Attorney

Sole Custody Lawyer Ogden

When one parent expresses concern over how another parent is taking care of their mutual child, or if child abuse allegations come to fruition, it’s probably best the concerned party seeks out sole custody of the child to protect them from harm. Having sole custody means you’re responsible for everything related to education, shelter, immunizations, sports activities, and perhaps counseling.

I’m Emy A. Cordano, and together with my staff, I’m able to help parents seeking sole custody to achieve their goals by effectively representing them in court. From case evaluation to final order, I’m your Ogden sole custody attorney with only the child’s best interests at heart.

What Sole Custody Means in Utah

When you’ve been awarded sole physical and legal custody, Utah may or may not establish visitation rights to non-custodial parents. What decides visitation is whether your ex-spouse is of sound mind, and doesn’t have pending litigation for crimes against you or your child. In other words, visitation isn’t guaranteed for a parent you’ve won your case against.

Emy A. Cordano knows family courts have a strict adherence to Utah child custody laws. They rarely, if ever, deviate from written law. As children are the only concern of judges and child services, parents must both show cause why one is more deserving of full-time custody, or why the other party isn’t.

If you choose to retain me as your Ogden sole custody attorney, I’ll work diligently to assure:

  • Your case is well-prepared for litigation or pre-trial agreement.
  • Your home has been inspected and meets or exceeds, cleanliness standards.
  • Your potential parenting plan is structured properly so noncustodial agrees to its stipulations.
  • Any restraining orders or ex parte orders are properly submitted and executed.
  • Any orders entered into court records are enforced for the benefit of your child(ren).

Working hard for families like yours is what Emy A. Cordano does best. A Utahan by way of South Africa, her knowledge of family law and passion for favorable outcomes stems from her own personal trials.

Don’t Take Custody Matters Lightly

If you’re assuming women or men walk into court and get what they’re seeking automatically, you’re wrong. Representing yourself in matters related to sole child custody isn’t easy, especially when the other party may have representation themselves. They’d discredit you, pluck apart any witnesses you bring, and may potentially win sole custody, even if they’re less deserving than you.

I’m adamant about getting my client’s results. I’m fierce, yet friendly; knowledgeable, yet compassionate. As your Ogden sole custody attorney, I’ll promise your case will get my undivided attention from start to finish. I’ll work with relevant agencies to collect facts that support your petition. More importantly, I won’t quit until you’re satisfied with my work.

Don’t put off your child-related problems too long, especially if another party is harming your beautiful children. Put my experience to work for you because I, Emy A. Cordano, stand by you and your family. Contact me for your consultation and let’s get sole custody of your children together.

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