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Visitation Rights Attorney

Visitation Rights Lawyer Ogden

When children are brought home from their respective hospitals, friends and family gather around to celebrate this new creation. But when families are broken, it’s often parents and grandparents fighting just to spend time with their child, let alone have them overnight. These disastrous situations demand legal representation that’s creative yet pragmatic, meaning only the best Ogden visitation rights attorney will do.

I’m Emy A. Cordano. I’ve helped many clients over the years, many with visitation rights issues like yours. Whether you’re the putative father seeking deeper bonds with children you helped conceive, or the grandparent cast out by the other parent, I’m willing to fight to assure time with your children is time well spent.

Visitation Rights are Your Right

While not automatic, every parent is afforded visitation rights regardless of financial situation. There’s a stigma that parents who aren’t paying child support, or aren’t ‘actual grandparents’, don’t deserve visitation. That’s simply untrue.

In family law, paternal and grandparents’ rights must be fought for, but are separate from child support or alimony orders. However, with proper litigation and presentation of facts, my office and I will help secure parenting time according to either a mutual agreement with the custodial parent or according to the court’s calculations.

Children, regardless of age, deserve the guidance and love of two parents, and the support of caring grandparents. Without both parents, children may experience emotional scarring that carries them through life. Don’t be bullied into thinking you’ve got no rights; Emy A. Cordano is an aggressive Ogden visitation rights attorney fearless in petitioning courts for parents seeking more time with their children.

There should never be an issue allowing each parent to see their child, but it’s an unfortunate reality that so few actually participate in their child’s life out of fear, or lack of legal knowledge. My office can provide you, the noncustodial parent, a pathway into your child’s life by getting you visitation rights you are rightfully entitled to.

Emy Gets Results for Parents. Period.

Parenting isn’t easy. There are times when you’re frustrated, happy, feeling overwhelmed, perhaps thinking about running down the road screaming. What matters most is you’re actually involved and care enough to work through good times and bad. It’s all part of parenting – which would be impossible without being granted visitation rights.

As your Ogden visitation rights attorney, I’ll petition the courts on your behalf. I’ll present facts surrounding your goals, parenting time wishes, your past relationship with the custodial parent, and whatever work schedule you have. We’ll get your visitation rights done according to the court’s rules while planning steps to help achieve joint custody if you’re seeking it.

I, Emy A. Cordano, never want parents to fight legal battles alone. They often conclude unfavorably for pro se litigants, if they’ve ever heard in court. I’ll work tirelessly from the moment you’ve retained me, all the way until you’ve won your hearing.

Don’t miss another moment of your child’s life. Call, email, or come by my office to schedule your visitation rights case evaluation.

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