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Adoption Lawyer Sandy

Parentless, abandoned, and abused children deserve a safe, stable home to call their own. With so many children in the Utah foster care system, not enough parents exist to adopt. However, when singles or couples are in a position to bring a young child into their home, the angels in heaven sing their praises. Together with the Sandy adoption attorney retained by these special people, adoption can be a reality.

With Emy Cordano working on your public or private adoption, the process goes much smoother. Every adoption goes through a rigorous process, including a home study and a thorough background check. Large amounts of paperwork, mandatory meetings, and plenty of waiting are well worth it when you’re newly adopted son or daughter walks in your door for the first time. Emy is right there with you.

Utah Adoptions: The Process

Emy takes a vested interest in each parent seeking the adoption of a child. Some parents are unable to conceive children of their own, while many others are single and aren’t comfortable with artificial insemination. A growing number of families have a child but would like to adopt their next. Whatever the case may be, Emy is there to assist in explaining and filing all paperwork necessary to get this lengthy process started.

What happens after the application is filed depends on the adoption type. Step-parent adoptions, for example, require the consent of other parents before they’ll be considered; international adoptions require numerous other steps; adult adoptions – those involving individuals 65 or older, or those with mental handicaps – are possible, too. So many different variables go into these adoptions, which makes offering a broad picture rather difficult. A knowledgeable Sandy adoption attorney like Emy can elucidate further into court procedures.

Parties who object to adoption filings are allowed to file answers. This doesn’t necessarily ruin one’s chances to adopt; they merely slow them down until judges take respondent’s complaints into account. Objections in step-parent adoptions are more frequent than others, but often these objections involve parents who’ve abandoned children but finally want involvement in their lives. Emy is known for raising a reasonable doubt as to why someone objects, although final determination is made by judge.

Contact the Sandy Adoption Attorney that Cares

Adopting children, regardless of why is special for so many reasons. Opening homes up to children who deserve an education, nurturing and parental love takes someone truly blessed. Because so many are willing to step forward, Emy Cordano is proud to handle adoption cases. Sure, the process itself may seem flustering and much longer than other family court matters, but think of everything both the child and parent, stand to gain once completed.

Having both the financial and emotional means to care for children is important. Judges will review your living situation, earnings, your ability to care for children and request an investigation into your background to assure children are placed in safe havens.

When you’re ready to begin the adoption process, Emy is the hardest working Sandy adoption attorney you’ll find, and she awaits your call.

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