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Child Support Attorney

Child Support Lawyer Sandy

When two people live in separate households, children still require the financial and medical support of both parents. Even with rising costs, kids’ needs won’t suddenly cease, the reason both noncustodial and custodial parents must continually find ways to earn more. Should issues arise with support orders, or if another party doesn’t make court-ordered payments, children suffer – not the parents.

Emy Cordano, a tough Sandy family law attorney dedicated to helping start and modify orders, has the experience men and women around Salt Lake County need. Courts predetermine amounts payable to custodial parent based on calculation, which means an imperfect process will determine how much your child needs to survive. That’s why Emy steps up for plaintiffs seeking honest income assessment.

Child Support Laws are Stiff

Exclusive of potential criminal punishment for not paying child support, laws regarding noncustodial support obligations aren’t favorable for nonpayers. For example, losing recreation and driver’s licenses isn’t uncommon. Bank accounts can be levied, too. Vehicles can have liens placed on them, excess real estate can be forcibly sold, and additional liens on primary residences is possible. Excessive missed obligations could lead to felony convictions carry a maximum of 5 years in prison per child.

It really doesn’t pay to pay here in Utah. Besides, when two people bring life into this world, why wouldn’t you financially support their well-being and everyday needs? Emy Cordano is persistent in making sure her clients receive their court-ordered support and medical benefits. Both parents will hopefully have an amicable relationship with each other, so child support isn’t like ‘pulling teeth’; unfortunately, many of Emy’s clients are forced to take extreme measures to assure noncustodial parent is doing their job.

Child support isn’t optional. Don’t let another parent tell you they’ll “pay under the table” either; all payments should go through the clerk’s office because that establishes an indisputable paper trail. Emy’s the Sandy child support attorney working closely with custodial parents to make sure orders are correct, being paid, and adjust when the noncustodial parent reports an increase in income. Your children shouldn’t have to go without, and child support is designed to avoid such anomalies.

Emy Wants Your Child Support Case

From paternity to child support hearings and everything in between, Emy works hard for clients needing children supported by both parties. There’s no excuse for individuals that outright refuse to pay, which is why civil remedies are available to prevent those from absconding their duty to pay. Don’t know where to begin filing your case? Think the other party may give you problems? Men or women are encouraged to fight for their child support rights.

Men and women can be ordered to pay support despite societal beliefs that men are the only ones responsible. Both are encouraged to retain Sandy child support attorney assistance when complex income matters could affect child support orders.

If you’re wanting modification, establishment, or enforcement of support orders, call Emy Cordano to schedule your consultation. Let’s fight for your child support together.

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