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Custody Modifications Attorney

Custody Modifications Lawyer Sandy

Child custody is an imperfect science. Parents move for promotions, children grow attached to one parent or the other, school functions affect visitation times or serious incidents occur that require legal attention immediate change of custody. When life events affect current custody orders, a Sandy custody modifications attorney can assist in altering custody arrangements to better suit changes.

Emy Cordano is a highly regarded family law attorney serving Sandy, and all of Salt Lake County. Custodial and noncustodial parents alike have approached her with issues regarding custody, and she’s obliged by petitioning the court to amend orders to better reflect where children should reside. Modifications can be requested by either parent but must be accompanied by substantiation.

Why Modifying Custody is Important

Custody disputes affect the perception children have of their parents. Two grown adults arguing about who gets visitation, overnight stays, or who drives kids to school can really wear down emotions. However, two people bickering isn’t an appropriate reason to petition the court for a modification. In cases like this, Emy offers mediation where both parents can iron out their differences and construct a custody plan suitable for their work and child’s needs.

In both parties agree to the proposed stipulations, Emy will file an amendment to the previous custody order and specify that both parties are in agreeance. Should both parties fail to compromise during mediation, the aggrieved party who retained her and wish to file a contested custody modification. Once facts are presented to the court, the judge will make the final determination as to what the new custody agreement will be.

In Circumstances where one parent is committing acts of domestic violence against parent or child, an emergency change in custody order can be petitioned to the court. This would allow the battered parent and child to seek immediate protection from the other parent, and would undoubtedly involve Salt Lake City police and child services to make sure all went smoothly.

Emy’s the Sandy custody modifications attorney known for her excellence in custody-related issues. The safety and welfare of children is her main priority, as is making sure any modifications to custody orders are properly executed and served upon the respondent.

Need Modifications? Contact Emy Cordano.

Material and substantial life-changing events, such as a parent attempting to flee Utah with a child, may automatically trigger a custody modification event. As this potentially threatens the physical and emotional stability of the child or children involved, courts are quick to act. Emy can help those who need to locate the other parent or can petition the police to issue an Amber Alert.

Most custody modifications aren’t as dangerous as depicted above. Simple changes like changing jobs or work hours could merit modifying custody, as could a child’s desire to be with one parent more than the other. Whatever the case may be, professionals like Emy are better equipped to handle the petitioning process that those with little knowledge of court procedures.

To retain Emy as your Sandy custody modifications attorney, call or email to schedule your consultation.

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