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Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Lawyer Sandy

Affecting women, children, and men across Utah more and more each year is domestic violence, an epidemic of epic proportions being fought through education and stiffer penalties for attackers. Domestic violence distresses not only the victims, but also their friends, neighbors, and families – more than anything, their children. These unwarranted attacks, often by people known to the victim, is a threat to the safety and well-being of Utahans.

Emy Cordano provides unmatched moral support to victims of domestic abuse. Not many realize how significant Sandy domestic violence attorney backing becomes when nobody else seems willing to help. Statistically speaking, homicides stemming from domestic violence attacks are roughly 12% higher than the national average in Utah, with many seriously injured women choosing Emy to fight alongside them.

Protective Orders Do Help

When an incident of domestic violence strikes, law enforcement involvement may temporarily imprison attackers, but what happens when they’re released? Protective orders, which Emy can help file, work wonders when properly filed for. They’ll prevent individuals from owning any weapons, will require them to remain distant from you, could force child support and alimony orders to activate, but more importantly, provide victims injunctive relief which may save their lives.

If you’re divorced, you’re 42% likely to be attacked. If you’re over 55, a 22% chance someone attacks you exists. And if you’re earning less than $20,000 annually, you’ll be 23% more likely to be battered. These statistics don’t tell half the injustices victims endure, but they’ll give women and men an idea of what others experienced at certain times. A Sandy domestic violence attorney can help end the cycle.

Intimate partner violence, which often transposes with domestic violence, happens even more frequently to innocent Utah women. There’s nothing worse than someone you love battering you without rhyme or reason, then being stuck in a hellish cycle of being beat, then apologized to, repeatedly. It’s even worse when children are present.

Costing Utah women, men, and children $5.8 billion annually in psychiatric and medical care, domestic violence is an unpredictable beast that, while it’ll never completely be defeated, can be tamed while victims educate themselves, learn self-defense and speak out when incidents occur. Nobody should have to endure this torturous lifestyle, but the multitude of clients Emy helps secure protective orders to have been silent for years until they finally had enough.

Let Emy Help Seek Justice

Winning justice for victims may seem minuscule given what they’ve gone through, but it’s a victory nonetheless. Courts slam the hammer of justice onto those who continually batter citizens of their county, and many filings can prove this. Protective orders for victims, their children, and immediate family are possible, especially when all live under one roof and fear their safety may be compromised.

Emy Cordano offers legal representation for victims of domestic abuse. She’s the Sandy domestic violence attorney passionate about getting justice for those abused by people they know or don’t. There’s no better time to phone her than now because once you’ve been victimized, the attacker won’t stop.

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