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Mediation Attorney

Mediation Lawyer Sandy

Some find litigation is inefficient for their family law matters. Others aren’t sure which direction they’re heading with spouses, but want an attorney to help iron out indifferences before uncontested divorces become ugly courtroom wars. Dispute resolution works if both parties allow the process to run its course, so for those looking for court-approved mediation without excess hassles, Emy Cordano is your best bet.

As an approved Sandy mediation attorney, Emy can sit down in an atmosphere that’s without pressure or conflict and allow parties to discuss differences separating them. As contested divorces will require one (1) session of mediation to satisfy court rules, it’s frugal for families not wanting an expensive or lengthy divorce battle to work differences out and file uncontested instead.

Mediation Spares Tremendous Grief

Setting aside potential financial savings, some couples simply want divorces to have less grief. Two people who once loved each other should be able to sit down with a qualified Sandy mediation attorney without feeling uneasy or agitated. And often, that’s exactly what happens in Emy’s office: two people decide endless bickering isn’t good for anyone, and often decide to work out custody, asset, and personal differences.

Cases can often get resolved much quicker when mediation is chosen. Once couples work toward complete agreements that take into account children, finances, assets that need to be divided, and alimony, many cases will navigate through courts and get approved for final dissolution much quicker.

When compared to contested divorces, mediation looks particularly attractive when families want assisted resolutions but lack massive resources to fight long legal battles. When Emy becomes your Sandy mediation attorney, it’s like you’ve brought along your best friend to a casual meeting with significant other, except opinions and ideas shared are private and input from Emy is unbiased.

Should both parties not reach agreeable terms during mediation, an additional session can be scheduled or Emy can be retained to litigate a case in court. Extra sessions are always advised since sometimes taking a breather for several days allows people to rethink their position.

Emy Provides Mediation That Works

Attending mediation is completely voluntary unless its part of contested divorce requirements. Participants are free to leave without recourse, although Emy encourages parties to talk things out. Many monetary discrepancies and custody issues need only slight tweaks to make them work. Assets like cars and rental homes may only need slight adjustments to make their division respectable for all.

Most people would find Sandy mediation attorney help brings better results in situations where both parties are tired of fighting and want everything from visitation and custody to financial issues resolved so closure can begin. It’s difficult for many people to enter the court and face someone in a nerve-wracking environment. Unfortunately, many people do, and the results can be less than desirable for some.

Emy Cordano is court-approved to mediate pre-divorce issues. Those needing help but prefer the best mediator available should call her today.

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