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Modification Lawyer Sandy

Court orders get filed every hour around Salt Lake County. Some involve child custody matters, others involve complex divorce decrees with accompanying orders for alimony. Once filed, these matters become ‘matters of fact’, completely enforceable under Utah law. However, some orders may forget certain components, while many others are outdated and simply need ‘refreshed’ to reflect current situations.

Emy Cordano, a proficient Sandy modification attorney dedicated to correcting court orders, knows that families change, custody orders may need to be switched or visitation schedules may need to be updated. Whatever family law issue that needs to be updated or modified, Emy can assist. No court order remains perfect forever, the reasonable modification requests are frequent in Utah courts.

What Do Utahans Seek Modification For?

Separated parents who agree on specific terms in their custody agreement often switch work schedules. This creates issues with children needing rides home or may leave children unattended for an hour due to extended work hours. Agreements can be modified to reflect grandparents, aunts or stepparents will be caring for children when the parent is absent. Emy helps modify custody terms in such situations.

Perhaps one parent became abusive but previous custody orders allow them joint physical custody. Further exposure to a said parent could detriment the mental health of the child(ren), so updating orders to reflect one parent having sole custody would be appropriate. Emy’s the Sandy modification attorney able to work quickly in matters like this because delaying custody changes could have adverse effects.

Do divorces forget some piece of shared property? This often happens when major purchases weren’t accounted for or included by mistake. Orders can be modified to include forgotten assets.

Maybe alimony wasn’t properly calculated during the initial order hearing. One party may have hidden assets from another party, or perhaps an increase could be necessary when another receives a substantial raise. Sometimes, alimony orders were too high. Even more, cases where child support wasn’t enough come across Emy’s desk, too. Whatever needs to be modified, she can reopen the case and file amended orders.

Utahans have ever-evolving lives. No order can remain perfect forever but counting on Emy Cordano to handle changes to custody, child support, alimony, and visitation orders can prevent orders from hurting the parties they were initially created to protect or enrich.

Emy’s The Sandy Modification Attorney You Need

The simplest errors in modifying orders could force judges to deny requests. Continuously submitting orders with clerical or factual errors could make courts look at petitioners as incompetent. Whenever final orders are modified, there must have good reasons accompanying said requests. ‘Feeling like it’ or ‘because I think it is wrong’ aren’t viable reasons; however, change in housing situation or changing emotional needs in children are good reasons.

As life happens, needs will continually evolve. Let Emy Cordano help modify orders which don’t quite reflect current times, and you’ll get back to raising children and working hard. Consultation with Emy can be scheduled today, or at your convenience.

Emy’s the Sandy modification attorney you need when complex changes merit intelligent representation.

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