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Visitation Lawyer Sandy

Child visitation rights during divorce disputes make an already emotionally tolling process even tougher. When multiple children were born into the marriage, it’s even harder. Utahans going through bitter disputes should retain an educated Sandy visitation attorney with significant divorce experience, Emy Cordano. Parents anticipated to have less than 50% custody are granted visitation rights, although visitation may be exclusive of any legal rights bestowed upon the mother or father.

Many mitigating and aggravating factors go into how much time parents are granted post-divorce. Courts institute a calculator that is based on many ‘aging’ ideologies rarely applicable to today’s societal norms. Retaining Emy’s services not only gives parents their shot at better visitation arrangements but may also help should joint custody become an immediate need.

Potential Visitation Types

In litigating for parental visitation, many factors such as work schedule, child(ren) extracurricular activities, relationship with both parents, mother and father’s proximity to each other, and other factors which fluctuate with each case. Hiring a headstrong Sandy visitation attorney like Emy could get visitation rights such as:

  • Full visitation: Parents expect to get 49% or less visitation time with the child(ren) and have no restrictions requested by other parents will get the greatest legally allowable amount of time with their children.
  • Supervised visitation: Arrangements where outside agencies become a ‘meeting point’ for parents and children due to safety concerns or previously estranged parents needing time to acclimate themselves to their child. Input from Emy, other counsel, and the courts determine if this type of arrangement would work best on the interim.
  • No visitation: Although rare, courts may deem some parents too unfit or hazardous to a child’s life to warrant approving visitation. Courts need compelling reasons to deny visitation and often dislike doing it.

Those retaining our Sandy visitation attorney should know that visitation and child support are separate matters, yet both are legally enforceable orders. Emy works with clients to determine what potential visitation order would best suit their needs. If clients fear child danger, child custody may also be explored.

Visitation is an important component of a child’s well-being; healthy relationships with both parents are said to increase the chances children prosper in life. Therefore, Emy takes a vested interest in every case retained for, helping parents understand the inseparable bond they can enjoy with beautiful creations they brought into this world.

Free Visitation Consultation with Emy

Family law, including child visitation, is all Emy knows. Her passion for keeping families bonded exudes in how she carries herself in court, at her office, and around Utah. Clients trust her opinions, count on her unwavering commitment to fair representation of visitation cases, and know she’ll give 110% to every case regardless of complexity. It’s the Emy way, and the only way she’s operated her firm.

Visitation rights, once established, help parents grow with their children. Having these rights could lead to more time, including overnights, with children. To get started on your visitation rights matter, contact the Sandy visitation attorney trusted by thousands around Utah, Emy Cordano, today.

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