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Contested Divorce Attorney

Contested Divorce Lawyer In The Avenues

Going through a divorce is not easy for anyone. While we know you did not plan on this happening when you got married, there are times when separation is necessary.

We know that you would like the divorce to be done amicably between you and your spouse, but sometimes that does not happen. A contested divorce can be heartbreaking and difficult. The complexity of a divorce case can be compounded by one or both sides unwilling to compromise on the many issues involved.

When you need a contested divorce attorney, count on Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law, to be by your side.

Your spouse may need to be served with a petition which our contested divorce lawyer in The Avenues can help to put together. Your petition will include anything that you feel belongs to you such as property. This will also outline how financial accounts should be split and where the children will live. We can also parent time and joint or sole custody issues. If both spouses are in agreement with the petition (very rare) the end is near. If both parties do not agree and are unwilling to sign the petition then the real work begins.

The Discovery Process Begins

The next step after a petition is denied is to begin discovery. Emy Cordano will begin to gather important details about the marriage, property, children, and the entire history of the couple. This will help to build a clear picture of the marriage as a whole and how assets should be split. The goal is to determine where and how items were acquired, what came into the marriage separately, and what was signed off jointly. This process can take some time but it is necessary. The findings will then be submitted to the court as well as your spouse. If you both have attorneys, then we will work with the attorney until all the details are factually accurate. Typically, this is where a settlement can be reached, if it is not then the next step is to prepare for trial.

Trial And Appeals

This is the last resort, as many cases do settle after discovery if that process is done properly. However, if you and your spouse can’t then, Emy Cordano is standing by and willing to go to trial. Witnesses will be called and anyone who is placed on the stand will be cross-examined. It is essentially a battle between the two attorneys who are representing you and your spouse. Once all evidence and testimony is presented the judge will make a decision.

Do not worry if the decision does not go in your favor. We can and will file an appeal, which can result in the case going back to court where we will aim for a better outcome. This will typically result in a different decision if all goes well.

Why Contested?

Many people wonder why divorces have to be contested. The answer does not have to be that one side is angry or vindictive, though that is sometimes the case. Rather, sometimes the two parties cannot come to an agreement over issues about the property that needs to be split or how many days of parent time a spouse will get with their child.

Whatever the case may be, the family court system is needed to settle disputes.

Navigating the complex divorce system is tough and an attorney is required.

What is at stake?


All of the property that was jointly acquired during the marriage needs to be equitably distributed. This does not necessarily mean that it will be split 50-50. The court will take into account the income and wealth of each party. This is why you need an attorney as experienced as Emy Cordano. Perhaps the most contested property will be the marital home. It may need to be sold and the costs of that process address and the profit split. Alternatively, one party may want to buy the other out for their share which would involve a refinance and having to qualify for that can sometimes lead to other unexpected issues.

Remember, there is more than just real estate involved. We are talking about vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, furniture, silverware, and more. We know it seems like a lot, but it needs to be figured out down to the last detail.

Joint bank or retirement accounts need to be split and settled, as does any debt that was acquired during the marriage.

One spouse may be required to make alimony payments to the other in order to maintain their former spouse’s lifestyle. This is often a heated issue and it is vital to have an attorney help you with this, whether you will be receiving or paying alimony.

If there are children involved, there will need to be time spent on figuring out child support and child custody issues. This can become very emotional.

Each case needs to be handled uniquely as no two marriages are the same. Divorce is a painful process which is why you need a strong advocate on your side that will fight for you aggressively until you get the best results possible. When there are no children involved, the two parties are fighting for assets and although this can get contentious and emotional, it is different than when children are involved. Most often, divorces affect children on a different level than adults. They often feel like they are in the middle and need to pick sides. It is important that their needs are taken into consideration and that the outcome benefits the children involved even if that means that the parents are inconvenienced or do not get their way. It is important to consider putting your child/ren first in a divorce.

What Happens Now?

Now you need to seek legal assistance. As you can see, there is simply too much at stake in a divorce. The fact that it will be a contested divorce further complicates the matter. Do not try to handle this yourself, especially if your spouse has an attorney.

Things will not end well.

Contact Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law, contested divorce attorney in The Avenues. You need experience on your side and that is what you are getting with her. She will be by your side ensuring that you are being treated fairly. You can contact us by clicking here or call us at 801-804-5152 for an initial consultation.

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