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Why Hiring a Private Investigator Can Help With Your Divorce

On behalf of Emy A. Cordano, posted in Private Investigator On Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Trust is an easy word to say. But it is not always the easiest thing to do. Most happily married couples in Utah live in trustworthy relationships. They often communicate effectively and share common experiences together. There are no secrets to keep. There is nothing to hide. There is no reason to cheat. But what happens when trust has been shattered? It can happen to any couple at any time. A husband is constantly late coming home from work. A wife begins to suspect an affair. Money mysteriously disappears from the couple’s bank account. Tension begins to rise in the household. They are all red flags that something may be wrong. While many people decide to file for divorce immediately at the first sign of trouble, one of the most effective solutions is to hire a private investigator.

How a Salt Lake City Divorce Private Investigator Can Help

Many people never hire a private investigator because they feel guilty about prying into their spouse’s personal life. But it is important to understand it can be an effective tool to protect yourself. Far too many people live in relationships plagued with lies, deceit, and infidelity. Anyone who suspects’s their spouse is cheating deserves to know the truth. Private investigators are highly trained professionals who often have law enforcement backgrounds and understand the ramifications at stake. Here are some reasons why hiring a Salt Lake City divorce private investigator is a good investment.

Find Missing Money

One of the biggest signs of a troubled marriage is the mysterious loss of money from the couple’s bank account. In some cases, a spouse may be hiding assets. A private investigator can discover these accounts by accessing special databases and records. They can also find out if the dishonest spouse has opened their own accounts.

Catch a Cheating Spouse

Infidelity is one of the biggest contributors to divorce in Utah. While many people may suspect their spouse is cheating, it is important to get actual proof. By proving adultery, you may be able to get a more favorable ruling for alimony. Although a PI cannot access phone records, they can collect and recover deleted emails or social media posts by giving them permission to access the family computer.

Win a Child Custody Case

Collecting video evidence of your spouse’s infidelity or reckless behavior can go a long way into winning a child custody battle. Even without video evidence, a private investigator can notify the police of any illegal activity.

Where to Find a Salt Lake City Divorce Private Investigator

Salt Lake City divorce attorney Emy A. Cordano has successfully represented men and women for a wide variety of family law issues. Unlike many divorce attorneys, her firm offers private investigator services for high-end clients. It is part of her vast arsenal of legal resources to help place her clients in the best position to succeed. When it comes to divorce, it always important to maintain an advantage. To learn more, contact her Salt Lake City family law office today and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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